Who’s on your Council?

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I started rewriting this blog, well OK  to be honest I never really started it if you count the one default post and the one where I say it’s the beginning of the rest of my life… lol! So I started writing this because recently after a very low point in my life, this event caused me to dig, dig really deep to find the meaning into my soul and heart – I have learned that they these events are not “problems” as we call them but more than anything an “OPPORTUNITY” to cause to dig into our soul and find what it is we need.

We all have the answers inside of us – think about that for just a moment… If we go out everyday and try to seek whatever it is we seek… that event actually begins to allude us, like two magnets the repel each other. Like the saying goes the more we seek for security in our lives the more insecurity we attract into our lives. If we suddenly grasp that gold mine of the concept that the answer is inside of us, a real sense of peace comes over and our perspective of all the “problems” actually makes us want to dig and realize this is nothing more than a process of refinement.

Ok – so on to the topic of who is on your council. By this I’m stating that its the little voices in our heads that tell us what to do or not to do. Not in a schizophrenia way but these thoughts arise from past experiences, whether good or bad. If you study anything on the mind, which is a very complex subject, thoughts are what start the events that create our outer world. Think about it, how did we all get to this great nation we live in, or the car we drive, or the phone in our hand, these things we have now, are nothing but the product of a thought that was brought forth and manifested. So if thoughts are who we are, like it says in the Bible “..as a man thinkith, so is he,” then the person we have hired in our head as the council that guides us everyday, is it serving us? Honestly I can say with confidence that 90% of people on this earth have hired the wrong advisers in your head. It’s not you, the person, that is messing up but its the bad council you listen to everyday. So wouldn’t it make sense to say then we should go into our subconscious mind and fire those that are not serving our best interest and hire the right team that will guide and direct us in developing our true potential as human beings? The answer is 100 times yes!!! Now you make ask, well if I fire that council, who do I now put on the board? Great question! In the book Think And Grow Rich, the author talks about hiring those that you look up to as mentors, whether you know them or not. For myself I’m actively seeking those in the world whom I look up to and respect, I.E. Jillian Michaels or Oprah Winfrey – you must study and research them so when you ask for their advice in your subconscious know exactly what they will advice you to do. One note on this though, is to pick advisers that are not self-serving in their contribution to society, but those that are self-giving. Meaning are these people that you look up to, are their actions centered in, well if I do this action will it benefit me instead of those that look at their actions as benefiting others….

I look forward to your continue growth and seeing you discover your full potential! 🙂


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