Be careful of success

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There is a saying out there, when times are good, people tend to party and when times are bad, people tend to ponder… I think this is an interesting observation. I have noticed this in my own life that when times are rough I tend to really ponder and dig into myself, like you should, yet when I do this I start attracting persons, places, and things into your life and a positive affect begins to happen. But when this happens often people forget to keep doing things that brought them to this place of abundance initially, I think we get the mentally that all the good can’t end yet in all reality its a slow decline back to where we where before.

I think the statement, your inner world creates your outer world is very fitting. We as humans always try to change our circumstances and beat ourselves up and work harder yet we fail to realize that all this “action” is really covering up the bigger problem of lack or insecurity in ourselves. Its been said that we all have a thermostat that controls the level to how successful or how unsuccessful we become. If we push really hard all of a sudden we experience a level of success, but then our thermostat comes on and sabotages our level of success and brings us back down to where we are set at. If we all want to experience a higher level we need to focus and grow from the inside out and our preset level then goes up and the world, almost like magic, grows with us and we experience a much higher level of connection and success in the world. Lets wrap this up and be mindful that when we are in the state of success and everything is going well around us, remember to take a minute out and be grateful and keep doing the things that got you to where you are. Consistency is the power that creates the habits that coaches us to accomplish our goals.


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  1. It’s true….I think when people arrive at a good place, they sometimes freak out and wonder how they got there instead of being able to reflect and see what state they were in and what attitude they had at the time that got them there so that they can continue that behavior on purpose.And the big question is HOW do we raise our thermostat to a new place to make THAT the new standard that you won’t fall below? How do we “re-set” our thermostat? I think it has to do with our underlying belief systems about ourselves, and what we think is possible, and what we think we deserve…thoughts??? 🙂

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