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Who is Jocko Willink and why am I reviewing this Author’s Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual? Jacko is an Ex-Navy Seal who exemplifies the character and discipline from the very hard and challenging lessons he has learned in his life through his active and post military career.  He is a business coach and mentor to businesses, communities, and those needing to move the needle forward in their life and also has his own Podcast, The Jocko Podcast http://jockopodcast.com/
I choose this book as it has made me face my own faults and lack of discipline. Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual is a book that is meant to inspire and help you challenge your thinking in order to stop asking the “why or how” questions and develop the ACT NOW principles that he teaches. Discipline in all areas is what we are seeking whether consciously or not.
I was introduced  this book via my own proxy mentor, Tim Ferriss. I have been a long time student of Mr. Ferriss and he has given me much help through my various struggles in my life over the last many years to find purpose and meaning. Jocko was interviewed on the Tim Ferriss show Podcast (https://tim.blog/podcast/) and I was turned on to this book at the very time I need to hear this message. This is meant to help and inspire you to become more than you belief you can.
I’m going to be sharing with you 3 takeaways that you can implement into your life today in order for you to take that very next step into your GREATNESS.
#1 – First take away, Develop Self Discipline. It is just that, it comes from your SELF. He says “…when you make the decision to become more, to BE more and make a mark on the World – you have to decide to be disciplined, it’s making the commitment to better yourself everyday…” to expect more out of yourself, your life, and who you intuitively know you are at your core essence.
For me this is STEPPING UP and facing the hard and scary facts of life that, YES I’m afraid to admit where I fall short and have made SO many excuses. Yet, its first about admitting to yourself that you have made mistakes, take a breath and say to yourself, it’s OK, I have this next moment to choose to become more and expect more. Every time you do that, you build courage and faith and resilience within yourself. The more you practice the more you exemplify and others begin to take notice and see you as someone who they can trust and rely on and you in turn challenge them to see their own selves as having the ability to grow.
#2 – Darkness & Fear – How many of you struggle with the complexities that life throws down on us? The human pain and suffering that you and I face as we navigate the complex world of life, family, career, health, or financial is this DARKNESS. He re-frames the elements of Fear and Darkness and helps you to see it as a compass for what is lying dormant inside of you – that ability to face the bitterness and see it as an opportunity to dig deep, to grow, to EXPAND, and to find the courage within ALL of us to develop into our higher selves.
Personally I have struggled with becoming a leader, a man, a person who takes responsibility for his actions. This point really drove home for me the ability to find within myself the courage to admit failure and to dig deeper and ask the hard questions of why I wasn’t where I needed or desired to be. I’m discovering that I’m my own greatest OBSTACLE.
#3 – My third and final takeaway was this, it’s taking action on the small things in life in order for this Discipline to begin to affect other areas of your life. I’m aware you have heard the phrase, “An APPLE a day keeps the DR. away…” This tagline is so true as taking the small step of eating an apple will begin to make you aware that there are other good habits you can begin to instill into your life, and then those positive habits breed more good habits, as long as you take that first step and choose to continue to take steps.
The lesson most important for me as he talks about is, GET UP EARLY, set the alarm for 4:45 and be up by 5AM. This is a really hard one for me as my ENTIRE life I have lived via the snooze button…. I could talk more on that as I believe this has really caused a lot of suffering in more areas of my life… yet it’s like that apple, it’s a small yet fundamental discipline that you start your day with and over time getting up early allows you to take charge of your day and handle the important elements of your life before the busy world begins grabbing for your time, i.e. eMails, phone calls, your kids, spouse… etc.
I have begun to practice and implement this principle and I can already say it has impacted my life thus far in the last several months of implementing this valuable lesson. Granted I do fail and not always do I succeed at getting up at my desired time in the morning, yet regardless I continue to take this step and it is getting easier and I can see the positive results. I now take this time to read, meditate, and walk my dog before the world begins to impose their wishes upon me. I feel stronger, more alive and ready to tackle the challenges that the day may bring.
To summarize, look at these as tools in your toolbox for life. Take ACTION and get up early and start with that first aspect of SELF DISCIPLINE. The FEAR AND DARKNESS you will face is part of the journey of life, it’s not meant to be feared, yet an OPPORTUNITY for growth and a compass to guide you in the direction of what your bigger purpose on this planet. Remember, the component of SELF Discipline is SO important as it takes US, YOU & ME, to commit to this process and dig deep and find within ourselves the resilience and the determination to take control of our lives and be the leaders we are destined to be for the world that needs US!
I would encourage you to see how these specific principles might help challenge and empower you to see yourself and the world differently as they have for myself.
Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual has been vastly important in my life and I share this book with you, my audience, as I know you are looking for that one aspect of your life to find the fulfillment you are seeking. You are destined for greatness and each and every one of you has it within you. I would recommend seeing how Jocko Willink can help you as he has myself.
Remember, everyday is about taking those SMALL incremental steps in which a lifetime of beauty is created – “HERE IS TO YOUR GREATNESS”
I LOVE YOU – We’ll see you next time

Find out more about Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual


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