8.12.18 – GGAQ’s & Thoughts

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Good evening – This weekend was a bit of a strange one for me, however I did get some much needed rest yesterday and took a chill day which is good for everyone and everything! šŸ™‚
I thought I would share this aspect that has been something on my mind lately and perhaps it will help you as well. It’s the idea of telling the truth in all aspects of one’s life. Telling the truth is sometimes glossed over in our society so much to the degree that we all begin to lie or at least not tell the truth in our lives or to each other. I’ve been dealing with a lot of mental anguish as of late in regards to where I am financially. This is a hard one to admit to my students and clients, however clarity is power and once you first admit this to yourself and then to others, a huge burden feels lifted.
What I realized, was that I was lying to myself about this area of my life saying that all was OK, when in reality my personal ship, called the Dave Jaeger was listing horribly to the degree of sinking and becoming a shipwreck on the bottom of life’s ocean. I never fully grasped the idea that I was lying to myself, however this weekend of self reflection made that incredibly apparent. So, what did I do? Because I no longer wish to struggle with this aspect, I mentally viewed myself walking out of the room of lies and into the corridor of truth and new opportunities for living. I recommitted to the process of owning my shit and taking personal responsibility for my actions and where things are and where I desired my life to go.
It was hard to tell myself the truth, however this was also amazingly liberating. When doubt enters my mind and I go back to the same old “sob” story, I stop and say, don’t lie any longer Dave!
I challenge you to ask this about areas you are struggling with and to see your life for the first time in truth. Share your story as I would be honored to hear about how you overcame a challenge in your life and made the daily steps to integrate into a new life.
This weekends GGAQ’s
– Walk in truth today
– Tell the truth even when it’s hard, especially to myself
– Complete the coaching program
– Sell 2 coaching programs this coming week
– Eat healthy and avoid anything with sugar
– Be responsible with my current resources
– Send love and light to my family, friends, and clients
– Macbook Pro
– iPhone 8+
– Wireless hotspot
– Camper for the truck
– Desire less materialism
– Find better ways to be resourceful
– Bring clarity to my financial situation, where am and where do I desire to be
– Sign up for the Holistic Coaching program
– Intake less caffeine, i.e. 2 cups a day instead of 3-4
– For time to go into the mountains this weekend and center myself
– For the nice weather
– For my tools, phone, laptop, notebooks, backpack, money
– For having clean water to drink
– For having healthy food to eat
– For my awesome and capable truck
– For shelter over my head
– For time to relax and sleep
– For having clients
– For my spiritual awareness and growth
– For taking responsibility for my life
– For experiences, teachers, books, & relationships that help me in support and growth
– I am consciously choosing to grow today in my spiritual life and my outer life
– I am choosing to walk away from the old Dave Jaeger and into my new life and identity
– I am fully capable and choose to see brand new areas of my life that I can develop
– I choose high frequency thoughts, actions, and beliefs for my life today
– I send love, light, compassion, and authenticity to all that are around me
– I step up in my life and expect nothing but excellence in all areas
– I choose to tell myself the truth and stop lying about who or what I am
– I am an amazing person and my life is a reflection of the positive choices I am making today
– I am building an amazing, inspiring, and impactful coaching brand that is truly helping humanity see in themselves their own inner greatness
– I am an amazing coach to my clients and students
– I am attracting financial abundance into my life today
– I am finding answers to my questions as well as the action steps to make those a reality
Questions: (My battery is dying on the laptop ;()
– How do I become the best version of myself today?
– What are the elements in the steps to this new coaching program?
– How do I formulate new positive habits and steps for my life moving forward, today and for this coming week?
– How do I help my clients become the best that they can be for their own lives?
– Whom can I help and show love to, today?

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