8.13.18 – GGAQ’s & Thoughts for the day

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Good morning,
I trust your day is off to an amazing start, be intentional and see the amazing things that come to you today. I desire to start this week fresh and new with a new mindset of clarity, trust, and being transparent with those around me. My goal is to help just one person today by sharing my personal experience in some way on a daily basis.
We all struggle with the weight of the world and the many many aspects it contains, however if we have a small glimmer of hope, a small candle flame in which to guide us for just today, we will begin to transform our lives one step at a time. This weekend was very interesting and one of personal development and growth for myself. I finally took responsibility for some much needed areas in my life and for the first time was honest with who I was and my actions. I saw my actions for the first time stemming from fear and weakness which then translated into this spiral of negative thoughts, which ultimately influenced my beliefs.
Here are some things to meditate on and ponder throughout your day today. Wrong actions breed wrong thoughts and beliefs… pay attention to what your Spirit is saying to you. Choose to listen, you will begin to experience true growth in your life for the very first time. We all know it’s there, however it seems to be constantly overshadowed by our Ego’s disbelief of the Spirit’s truth for our lives. Why do we rather choose the Ego over the Spirit? I’m not totally sure, but what I do know, is the more you lean in and adapt to any and all aspects of your internal wisdom you will begin to peel back the layers of this most incredible experience of self discovery and growth in your life.
Trust the process and take one step towards your higher self for just today and see where it leads you!
Love & Light
Namaste 🙂
  • Woke up at 05:54 and meditated for 15 minutes, felt really good and balanced my mind, I went back to sleep afterwards and had some spectacular dreams, woke back up at 07:45. Made coffee and took my dog for an hour hike in the mountains.
  • Drove into town, ate a half an Avocado and practiced mindful eating, feed my dog breakfast, she was happy 🙂
  • Found an awesome new little coffee shop here in Estes Park that has great coffee and journals and writing gear, called Inkwell & Brew
  • Commit to the process of self discovery and mastery for today in all areas of my life, don’t pick and choose
  • Cultivate joy and happiness into my life, find ways to laugh and bring a high vibrational energy into my life
  • Land 2 large paying coaching clients by Friday, August 17th
  • Finish the coaching program and shoot the video
  • Post the video on social media and on YouTube today
  • Register for Holistic Coaching class by Saturday, August 18th
  • Sign up for Psychology classes for the Fall Semester
  • Research classes and information in Cosmology
  • Study the Tarot more fully and it’s symbolism
  • Practice healthy living and diet today and the aspect of being mindful
  • Practice Meditation for 20 mintues
  • Write today one blog post – the above counts and will be working on posting that today
  • For my life today and for this moment to write
  • For this great coffee shop and book store
  • For a great nights rest and early morning hike with my dog
  • For seeking 6 shooting stars last night and for the clarity of the nights sky
  • For guidance and direction for my life today
  • For good food, clean water, and yummy coffee
  • For taking care of myself and respecting my life
  • For the Spirits guidance and help from my guides and all aspects of nature
  • For direction and integration of my Yin & Yang energies and their balance
  • For the Sunshine and beautiful weather today and being in the mountains
  • For my new dedication and purpose in my life, today
  • I am succeeding at landing 2 coaching clients by Friday of this week that are excited to be part of this journey of self discovery and the new coaching program
  • I am attracting opportunities for greatness in my life today
  • I am choosing commitment to the process today and seeking it’s integration in all my decisions, today
  • I am excited and joyful about the future and for my walk into my higher self
  • I am guided in thought and action by my Spiritual guides today
  • I am choosing integration of my Spirit into my life to experience high frequency actions, thoughts, and beliefs
  • I am an amazing coach to my clients and am helping them
  • I am attracting abundance into my life and resonating on this frequency at all points in time, today
  • I choose to see myself as successful and brilliant
  • I am wise and always seek the intelligence of my higher self at all points during my life
  • I am winning at life
  • I am abundant in my relationships, finances, wisdom, intelligence, knowledge
  • I am finding someone today to connect with to help their further and expand their life
  • I am purposeful and intentional in all my affairs today
  • Today I walk in truth and away from the old Dave Jaeger
  • Gabriel, what is the best message to put out to the world in order to attract coaching clients today?
  • How do I go deeper in to my Spirit today?
  • What places do I need to go to in order to experience and cultivate a deeper appreciation and understanding of the world?
  • Whom can I connect with today, serve, help, and inspire?
  • How do I walk deeper into my understanding and wisdom of the Akashic records?
  • What is the wisdom from my Spirit today and how do I integrate it?
  • What classes, teachers, mentors, guides, coaches, and experiences do I need to seek out in order to experience exponential growth for my life today?
  • What are the foods, drinks, and diet I need to incorporate more fully into my life to experience energy, vibrancy, and mental clarity today?
  • What elements can I seek out to bring joy and happiness into my life today?
  • What is the right thing to do now?
Make today intentional!
NAMASTE my friends 🙂

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