8.14.18 – GGAQ’s & Thoughts

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Quote of the day: Joy is a choice based on being content regardless of circumstances. Understanding what encourages joy in your life can help you cultivate it and build up your resources for when circumstances are difficult. 
M. Ahlers
Good morning,
I trust that your Tuesday is off to a great start – feel the positive energy and motion forward in this day. I desire to give you inspiration and hope and offer guidance and direction in the events of today. There are a lot of elements of the unknown at work in the bigger picture of life as well as in our lives. We as humans need to trust in the process of rebirth and growth that has been so evident over the last several weeks and months. There is a great shift happening within ourselves as well as the collective of humanity – embrace the uncertainty.
Things of complexity are beginning to shift for each and everyone of us and it’s a time to really step into what aligns with our true inner wisdom and compass for our lives. Be creative and find new ways of exploring and doing, it’s also a time of true awakening in our lives. I would encourage you to take the move in your life to be brave and courageous in all your actions moving forward, not just for today but in the coming days, weeks, and months. We never fully grasp our own true power, however if we can get a glimpse of what we can truly become, have, and be, you would be amazed at the incredible person that sitting here reading these words.
For my life, I truly desire to be responsible in all my decisions that I’m faced with, to not lie, but to tell the truth. Think of the areas in your life in which you may be less than responsible and make the declaration today to step up in your life and expect more of yourself. You deserve it and you are worthy of all the blessing and good that is in this life. A good life is built upon good choices – make the good choice today to see your potential and to make the often hard and deliberate decision to accept nothing less than your best version of you, in your daily walk today!
Light & Love
GGAQ’s & The Beginning…
– Woke up at 06:32 – This morning was tough for me, I slept way later than I intended. Partially due to the fact I stayed up late working on my project for work… however good progress was made, so I cut myself a little slack.
– Have not meditated as I woke up late, felt grouchy and needed to get some coffee in me…feeling A LOT better and ready to handle the days affairs, which to this point have been a complete success. I will meditate on my work break along with 10 minutes of yoga later this morning.
– A LOT of negative thoughts when I arose and it took an hour for me to really center myself and get back my focus… odd, however my dreams where very on point last night and I really do sense a major and positive shift for my life today and I’m excited to be alive and to embrace this new day with enthusiasm and joy!
  • Finish the coaching program today
  • Shoot two videos for the YouTube channel
  • Write blog post – done! 🙂
  • Sign up for Holistic Coaching program by Saturday, August 18th
  • Research Cosmology
  • Financially caught up by November 9th
  • Find one person to connect with today
  • Meditate for 20 minutes
  • Yoga for 10 minutes
  • Macbook Pro and iPhone 8+ by November 10th
  • Camper for the truck
  • Sign up for psychology classes for the Fall semester
  • For a place to sleep and shelter over my head
  • For a super nice and focused weekend in the mountains
  • For the help of my guides
  • For having warm and clean clothes to wear
  • For having the time to work on building the new business
  • For connecting with my higher self and developing a business that is truly helping make a difference in this world
  • For the nice cooler weather and sunshine today
  • For hot coffee this morning…mmmm coffee 🙂
  • For tools: laptop, phone, internet, money, truck
  • For having money in my bank and cash on hand
  • For the wisdom and guidance of my dreams and cards
  • For my family: Mom, Dad, Liz, Jon, Blake, and Dan
  • For my life and health
  • For my health, cells, tissues, organs, limbs, and my senses
  • For my dog and her health, love, and compassion, protection
  • For appliances and a great running truck
Affirmations: (Spoke them into the mirror)
  • I am landing 2 clients by Friday August 17th and incorporating them into the new coaching program
  • I am abundant and it’s my way of life today
  • I am attracting the opportunities and clients for the business today
  • I am in the flow of abundance and am choosing to act rightly today
  • I am incorporating the spirit’s guidance and help into my life today
  • I have help and am asking for what I need and am receiving it
  • I am amazing and I commit today to my souls contract for my life
  • I am walking in my truth today and choose responsibility for my life in ALL areas
  • I am choosing high frequency thoughts, actions, and beliefs for my life today
  • Things are working on my behalf today and I am succeeding
  • I choose to step up in all areas of my life today
  • I choose joy and happiness for my life, today
  • What is the right thing to do today?
  • How and what is the best message to project to resonate with the clients I seek today for the coaching business?
  • Whom do I need to become in order to experience exponential growth in my life today?
  • What classes, books, mentors, coaches, and experiences do I need in order to grow today in all areas?
  • How do I choose wisely today in all my affairs and decisions?
  • What are the foods, drinks, and supplements I need in order to give my body the nutrition it needs to be empowered and help my mind and body function at it’s peak state?
  • Where and what are the words I need to speak to attract opportunities for greatness and help and inspire those around me?
  • Whom can I help, show love to, and encourage today?
  • How do I become the best version of myself today?
Have a successful day my friends!
Namaste 🙂

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