8.15.18 – GGAQ’s & Thoughts

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Quote of the day:
The period of greatest gain in knowledge and experience is the most difficult period in one’s life. Dalai Lama 
Good evening,
Happy middle of the week! How are things going for you thus far into this weeks journey? I wonder mostly because of the struggles I am facing currently in my life. I find it interesting this is the quote I found for today and it’s spot on for how my perception of things really are. Realizing that most of the pain and suffering that is experienced is self inflicted and mental, really brings into question of, what are the opportunities for growth and an altered perspective that can be learned from a difficult period…?
It’s hard to be honest with one’s self and also with those around you about the struggles that are being confronted and dealt with. We desire the world to see us in a perfect manner and have all of our different aspects “together” yet that’s not how life comes about. This living with an experience of temporal reality can really deal us some challenging cards in the face of reality. Life is truly dynamic and can suddenly be altered. The past can suddenly affect the present and somehow a future aspect can also alter the present. This brings into question, how then do we live in present state awareness and trust that what is happening can have two sides – one of hope and trust and the other in suffering and despair – where is the balance in all of this?
Maybe you and I begin to choose in trusting in the new found wisdom found in the struggle of life and see it as a new opportunity in which we can begin crafting our new perspective. One that gives us strength in who we are and the courage with responsibility to handle all aspects in our lives – this could bring peace and compassion towards ourselves and to others.
Light & Love
QQAQ’s & the beginning…
– Decided to have a slower start day as the last several days have been quiet challenging and I felt as if my brain was about to implode. I slept in and got up at 07:34 and felt the need to rest as my energies where WAY out of balance.
– Meditiated for 7 minutes and went mentaly throught a gratitude list and for being thankful for my blessings
– Read a few pages from, “Twelve Rules for Life” and really set my mind in a better place.
– Coffee was much needed this morning, went to the park and set my Aero Press, made some hot water and awoke the conscious mind… lol
– Surprising got a lot done today and was able to get some good feedback on my emails for marketing
  • Shoot promo video for YouTube
  • Get website up and running for speaker business
  • Finish John Beede course for speaker business
  • Macbook Pro
  • iPhone 8
  • For a good dinner
  • For coffee
  • For waking up and having the opportunity for a new day
  • For Wisdom and understanding
  • For having a day to semi relax
  • For laptop, iPhone, and Internet
  • For books
  • For being able to read and write
  • For my truck
  • For a refrigerator
  • For work
  • For income
  • I’m walking in my truth today
  • I choose high frequency actions, thoughts, and beliefs for my life today
  • I am moving forward with the right decision and I’m supported by the Universe
  • I attracting abundance into my life today
  • I am connecting with the right people to move my mission forward
  • I am seeking new way of being and doing in my personal and professional life
  • I am completely taken care of and all my needs are met
  • I am finding new creative ways to support and take care of myself during this transition
  • I have all that I need
  • I am truly blessed in so many ways
  • I love being around people and seeing them move their life forward
  • Where do I market to get booked for speaking engagments
  • What is the best message and platform to speak the words I desire to say?
  • Who are the ones that can help me and move the business forward?
  • How do I step up and take ownership and responsibility in my life for today?
  • How do I stay focused on the mission even when outside events desire to knock me off course
Namaste 🙂

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