August 16th, GGAQ’s & Thoughts

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Quote: “Stop worrying about what you have to loose and start focusing on what you have to gain” – Unknown Author
Good morning,
Happy Thursday or as I like to say, “happy Friday eve!” Looking over the past several days has been a challenging one for most and most certainly I can feel it in my life. Planetary motion is going wild, emotions are on over drive, and challenges in the daily life… wow it’s been a challenging week for a lot of us. Well I do have some good news and inspiration looking forward into the weekend – the way is being cleared! 🙂
I believe today brings with it brand new aspects in which you can begin to work with and implement into your life. The challenges we have all been facing are in a way an initiation into our deeper selves. This has been to cultivate resiliency, strength, and fortitude for the days, weeks, and months ahead as we enter into new and exciting dimensions in the Universe. This strength is the ROCK from which we can begin to hold our intentions and a place to pull from when we experience upcoming challenges – know that you are stronger and better for going through all of this! It’s also a time for new beginnings brought in by this aspect of strength that has been fostered within all of us over these past several weeks.
It’s time to harvest our rewards and seek the friendship from those closest to us. To find safety and security within ourselves and also in others. We are all connected to one another and we can all offer comfort and support. You’ve done amazing and you’ve remained strong…whom can you show and help today?
Love & Light
GGAQ’s & the beginning…
– Woke up at 05:45, yes, finally happy to have hit this mark for the week and be up and do the morning essentials
– Have not meditated yet for the day, however my mind is in a really good space and I feel that things are on the move once again… Makes sense as yesterday was a literal butt kick
– Will meditate for 20 on my morning walk/work break with my dog
– Have a bigger day of work and getting goals knocked out before the upcoming weekend – excited about the events for today!
  • Shoot promo video for Catalyst Creators
  • Work on pitch video
  • Shoot one specific video to event planners
  • All debt payed off by November, 9th, 2018
  • Camper for the pickup
  • Eat and drink healthy today
  • Find additional ways of income that are in correlation to my business
  • Build out speaker marketing for business
  • Email 15 event planners today
  • Travel to the West Coast in September
  • Find more ways to work remotely
  • Stay focused and clear minded
  • Meditate for 20 minutes
  • Yoga for 20 minutes
  • Build into my life resiliency and fortitude
  • Write a blog today – done!
  • For today and being alive
  • For the cool weather and Sunshine today
  • For my health, organs, cells, tissues, senses, limbs
  • For my family: Dad, Mom, Liz, Jon, Blake, & Dan
  • For my Nicki, her health, love, and compassion
  • For being protected and secure
  • For appliances
  • For clean water, good food to eat, coffee, and tea
  • For all I do have and all the abundance in my life
  • For the money I have and also attracting into my life today
  • For a warm bed, comforter, blanket, and pillow
  • For clean clothes and good foot wear
  • For help from my guides, people, and the Universe
  • For stepping up and expecting more of myself
  • For the commitment to the process
  • For all my awesome tools, phone, laptop, and internet
  • For clients to work with
  • For opportunities that are coming to me today
  • I am attracting financial abundance into my life today
  • I am amazing, smart, talented, and committed
  • I am an amazing speaker, coach, mentor, and leader
  • I have opportunities for greatness in every moment of my life
  • I am attracting $100 cash into my life today
  • I choose today to do the right thing in my life and for others today
  • I choose high frequency thoughts, actions, beliefs for my decisions today
  • I am committed to my spiritual growth today and choose to listen to my own internal wisdom
  • Where do I market to get booked for speaking engagements?
  • What is the bet message and words to speak to help people today?
  • What are the classes, people, experiences, that I need to have in order to experience exponential growth for my life today?
  • Where to I need to look in order to attract a $100 cash into my life today?
  • Whom can I help, serve, heal, and encourage today?
  • What do I write about in order to help people and also give massive traction to the business?
  • What is the mindset that I need to cultivate to help me moving forward in the coming days, weeks, and months?
  • How do I become the best version of myself today?
Namaste to you my friends 🙂

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