August 29th, GGAQ’s & Thoughts on the Karma of Judgement

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Daily Quote: Be careful of the Karma of Judgement. When you say, “How could anyone…,” or “I can’t understand why someone would…,” you are literally asking the universe to give you that experience. Karma isn’t about punishment or reward, it’s about understanding. When you judge someone, you will soon find yourself in a similar position as they were. You will then see why they made the seemingly bad choices they made, and you may even make the exact same ones. If not, at least you will know why they did.” ~ Doe Zantamata
Good morning,
    Happy Wednesday and middle of the week for the most. How has the week been going for you? I feel that there is a good shift in the energy this week and things are moving forward with more direction. School is back in session, the Fall is bringing about cooler air and changing colors and the trees are already dropping their leaves. I have to say I’m happy that the Summer is coming to a close, it’s been incredibly intense with so many things happening. I can say in my life this Summer has not been very relaxing however it was necessary to herald in a brand new change and a freeing.
    It was hard to look back and see that while going through the midst of all the change that it was good for me, I did somehow know in the back of mind that it was, but it was hard to see the forest for the trees. Which this brings me to the topic of judgement and how we look at elements in our lives and those around as well. How often do we find ourselves judging those around us? Take driving for example, yes, we have all been there with a driver who doesn’t drive according to how we think they should… yet, we ourselves have been where that driver is, looking for an address and driving slow. Or we make ourselves feel better in our lives by judging another for where they are to make up for our own short comings.
    I am guilty of this all the time and I wonder how I could be better at not passing judgement. I have even thought about not judging myself so harshly for where I am according to where I think I should be, and that is a tough one to swallow. How often do we get mad and angry at our situation, judging it unfairly for it’s current feedback? Wow, I can say I do this a lot in my life and I see how unfulfilling it is and often yields a loss of direction and action forward. Think about how you can be first and foremost kind and gentler to yourself and see yourself in a new light of where you are – seek the compassion for your life first. If we choose to do this to ourselves I believe we then can pave the way forward to pass kindness and compassion on to another person rather than judging unfairly.
Love & Light
Namaste 🙂
GGAQ’s & the beginning…
– It’s Wednesday, I slept in a bit later this morning and got up at 05:55 – today will be an amazing adventure 🙂
– Took my pup to the park and walked around for a bit and realized it was a lot colder this morning, 54 degrees… great sleeping weather 🙂
  • Write everyday, something, blog, essay, journal, etc
  • Camper for the truck
  • Shop to work out of
  • 5x blog posts a week
  • Shoot 1x video per week
  • Podcast idea – strategy
  • Freelance to earn $1k a week
  • Passive income stream of $500 a week
  • Car to get around in while I work on my truck
  • Pay off all debts by end of the year, December 31st, 2018
  • Macbook Pro
  • iPhone 8+
  • Build the birds nest
  • Stay committed to the growth process and goals
  • Attract financial abundance into my life, it’s already happening
  • Send love and compassion to one person today
  • For today and the beautiful Sunshine and cool weather this morning
  • For a good nights rest, a warm bed, and shelter
  • For my life and the new opportunities coming to me today and tomorrow
  • For my Nicki and her health, love, and companionship
  • For a mailbox
  • For work opportunities
  • For a good truck that runs amazing, and provides so much
  • For tools, Laptop, iPhone, books, notepads, pens, internet
  • For coffee, clean food and water
  • For my Family, Mom, Dad, Liz, Jon, Blake, and Dan
  • For my spiritual guides and help from the Universe
  • For a fridge, coffee maker, tea pot, stove, and electricity
  • For a bank and finding money all over the place
  • For storage to keep my stuff secure
  • I am building my future on greatness and quality
  • I am successful at attracting abundance into my life in all areas, relationships, work, clients, financial, joy, and happyness
  • I am grateful for my life
  • Opportunities for greatness are abundant in my life and they are coming to me today
  • I am abundant in my finances and I am in the flow of it today
  • I choose to put my time forward into quality and care for lasting impact
  • I choose high frequency thoughts, actions, and beliefs for my life today
  • I see the way forward and know how to put the action steps into place
  • Life is amazing and things are working for me as I am doing the right things
  • I send love and light to humanity and choose to see the good in everyone
  • What’s my nest consist of and what are the opportunities that I can work on to get me finally on the road to large progress?
  • What should my podcast focus on?
  • What resources and opportunities should I look for and whom do work with?
  • How do I bring in a passive income of $500 a week?
  • What can I build that high quality and attracts the right audience?
  • What books, mentors, and clients, coaches do I need in my life?
  • What experiences do I need to grow my life exponentially?
Namaste my friends 🙂

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