Thursday August 30th – GGAQ’s & Some Thoughts on Struggle

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Today’s Quote“Trust Your Struggle” 
Good morning and happy Friday eve!
    Today’s theme is on the aspect of struggle and how it pertains to our lives as a whole. I can speak from personal experience when I say that I have had some significant challenges that have nearly broken me. Perhaps not physically in it’s entirety, rather the mental challenges and struggling to find direction and purpose for my life. Looking back over the years I have definitely been on a lot of different paths regarding career, relationships, personal interests, etc. I have always wondered, why do I struggle so much and more than those around me in regards to my situation…?
    Perhaps, I wondered, there was a larger meaning behind it all and why things never seemed to work out for one reason or another. Part of it was realizing what I resonated with and what I knew I wanted or did not want – that was a good thing but it also caused me to spin off on many different directions. I can say that those closest to me, i.e. my family, really have been concerned for my well being over the past several years since I graduated college. I always knew I would be OK and it’s true, I sit here today with more clarity and perspective and also a wealth of experiences to draw from. I also can say that I know myself better and with that I don’t have any regrets for not trying out a slew of different opportunities.
    All the paths I have taken in my life have caused me to struggle and with that also has come strength and wisdom. I say all of this to encourage you to begin seeing your life and all it’s struggles as a good thing even if it does not seem like it. Like the Moon, there is a dark side and a light side, every situation has a positive and a negative – which one do you choose to see? It’s about acceptance for where you are and realizing that your struggle does not last forever nor does it break you unless you allow it to. Trust yourself and trust your struggle as it will become a lot more clear to you in the future when you look back. You have the inner greatness and strength, trust in that and find your own inner back-stop!
Love & Light
Namaste 🙂
GGAQ’s & the beginning….
– I worked late last night till about 01:30 and that caused me to sleep in a little later this morning, closer to 06:15. However the Sunrise was gorgeous and I took a nice little walk this morning with my pup
– I went over to the coffee shop, Mugs Coffee, which seriously is a great spot in Fort Collins to hang out in the morning, did my readings and wrote
– I will be working on my video for YouTube today and looking for writing opportunities to pursue
– I will meditate and do yoga later on my work break before I head over to my other income source 🙂
  • Find a paid writing gig in my field of interest
  • Shoot one video for YouTube – today
  • Write 5x blog posts a week – doing well at this so far 🙂
  • Connect with 10 people 5 days a week on twitter and WordPress
  • Place to crash in the mountains – I believe I found the ideal spot
  • Shop to work on my truck
  • Camper for the truck
  • Car to get around town in and for work
  • Pay off all debts by December 31st, 2018
  • Generator for the camper
  • Travel to the West Coast this Fall
  • To stay committed to my Spiritual growth daily
  • Read two books a month
  • For seeing the way forward and for the help from those around me
  • For my Guides & wisdom and guidance from the Universe
  • For Tarot, books, and amazing individuals all around me
  • For tools and platforms
  • Laptop, iPhone, Internet, YouTube, WordPress, Twitter, Craigslist
  • For work and the opportunities to bring in cash to support my Freelancing
  • For my truck, fuel in the tank, great tires, and space for me and Nicki
  • For my awesome Nicki and her health
  • For my Family, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Nephew, Bro in law
  • For my fridge, electricity, coffee pot, French Press, stove
  • For great food, clean water, healthy vitamins and minerals
  • For my life and it’s struggles that have made me who I am and where I am going
  • The things that have muddled my clarity are being lifted and removed from my vision and I am seeing the way forward, today!
  • Opportunities for my future greatness are on it’s way to me today
  • I am in the flow of abundance in all areas of my life, financial, relationships, work, career growth
  • An opportunity to grow in my education and spiritual growth and business is coming to me today and I will know
  • I choose high frequency thoughts, actions, and beliefs for my life, today
  • I am choosing to the right things for my life today as well as for others
  • I choose to live my life in honesty and integrity
  • I am helped by my guides and those around me and I choose to give back where and when I can
  • Where do I look to build up my resume of work and experience to become a better and more effective writer?
  • Where do I look for paid opportunities in my pursuit of my higher self, today?
  • Whom do I need to be and emulate in order to grow exponentially, today?
  • Where and how do I create $500 in passive income every week?
  • How can I bring in $1k in freelance work a week and where do I need to look?
  • Whom can I help and show love and kindness to, today?
  • What experiences, books, coaches and work do I need in order to my my life forward today?
  • How do I have more fun and enjoy the process and to find ways to bring joy to my life and those around me, today?
Namaste my friends 🙂

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