September 4th, ’18 – GGAQ’s & Thoughts on Renewal

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Good morning,
    I trust you had a nice holiday weekend – did you labor on Labor Day? I did for a while in the evening, however I did rest and relax and do some chores. I got super tired about half way through my shift so I decided to call it a night, get some awesome Afghan food at Maza Kabob in Fort Collins – Wow my new favorite restaurant! Took a hike with my pup and then crashed out early – It was needed as I feel much better this morning and glad I didn’t push it yesterday.
    I do have to say that I like the ability to be flexible with my schedule and make enough to pay the bills and keep moving forward while I build a passive income through my writing, teaching, and various other forms. I can say it’s difficult to manage all the things I desire to do. However they are good things, but I need to stay focused on the things that move me forward the most effectively and efficiently – not scattering my energy in all various directions.
    I’ve been thinking about this aspect of renewal and how we can use it and integrate it into our lives. We get SO busy we often loose touch with allowing ourselves rest and relaxation. Life become so much about doing and not enough about reflection and contemplation. Doing can be good, however if that’s all we ever do we are hugely out of balance. Perhaps it’s more about saying no to things that don’t serve our higher good or that ultimately waste our time. We have all been guilty of playing those mind sucking games on our phones and computers for more than necessary, but are they really good for us and allow us to relax or do they continue to feed the doing?
    Take time to balance your life in all areas and don’t make excuses for the way things are or should be. Be honest with yourself and do the things that are right for you, your life, and your family. Build the meaningful relationships with those closest to you and most importantly, build a quality relationship with yourself. If your health, mind, finances, and work are out of balance, perhaps it’s time to sit down and really focus on the important aspects and shed the ones that truly don’t serve you and build balance and renewal into your daily living – always remember, one day at a time!
Have a terrific day and let me know your thoughts… 🙂
Love & Light
GGAQ’s & the Beginning…
– Got up semi early, 06:15, didn’t sleep all that well, however I do feel more rested today and ready to handle today’s affairs.
– Took a hike this morning with my Nicki and then went over to my Mugs Coffee shop and drank my Bullet coffee… 🙂 I did remember waking up around 3 am and thinking every minute was a minute closer to getting up and drinking coffee…weird I know!
– I will meditate and do some yoga this morning after I’m done writing and working.
– I am going to be working on my writing channels, teaching through setting up a, and my channel… lot’s to work on for sure!
  • Write 5x blog post this week
  • Write 5x HubSpot blog posts
  • Do 1 product review this week, video and write up
  • Shoot and post 1 product video on YouTube this week, by Friday
  • Identify 10 products to promote for affiliate marketing
  • Shop for the truck and to have a place to work
  • Build a camper for the truck
  • Build a passive income stream that works out to be $5 dollars a day by end of September – to pay for my coffee habit 🙂
  • Read 2x books a month
  • Commit to the process of mastery and self development and spiritualism today
  • Build a schedule to stay focused and keep moving forward and not be distracted
  • Macbook Pro and iPhone 8+
  • Debt all eliminated by December 31st, 2018
  • For today and for a new month to work on all these awesome freelance endeavors
  • For my truck, good tires, brakes, and fuel in the tank
  • For my warm bed, shelter, and soft pillow
  • For electricity and a refrigerator
  • For money coming in the door from all over, for customer tips, and people helping me
  • For the laptop, iPhone, Internet, LG pad, cell phone provider
  • For books, blogs, YouTube, DoorDash, Uber, and other platforms
  • For coffee, water, good food
  • For my dog Nicki, her health, love, and protection
  • For my life, health, intuition, and wisdom
  • For my family, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Nephew, and Bro-in-Law
  • For clean clothes, warmth, and blankets
  • For income and ways of bringing in $$ to help support myself and my mission
  • For the Universe and Spiritual guides
  • I am attracting and finding clarity in my mission and ways of moving forward
  • I am seeing and finding ways to bring in passive income daily to build by financial nest
  • I am choosing high frequency thoughts, actions, and beliefs for my life today
  • I am financially abundant and attracting large income opportunities into my life
  • I am being helped and I am choosing ways that help me and give me more time
  • Opportunities for greatness are in flow to me today and I choose to accept them
  • I am coordinating my time with efficiency and strategy and action today
  • I am attracting passive income streams into my life today
  • I am choosing to listen to my Sprites wisdom and direction for my life today
  • I am choosing to do the right thing in every movement of my life today
  • Today is going to amazing and grateful to be alive
  • Where do I look to generate passive income by $10 a day?
  • How do I continue to grow and expand my spiritualism today?
  • How do I create more efficiency into my life and create more time?
  • What are the books I need to read to help me expand my mind?
  • What are the products that I can review for passive income?
  • What are the articles I can write to build a passive income steam and also help guide and direct people?
  • How do I use my time most effectively and efficiently to maximize the forward motion for my life today?
  • How do I add value and benefit to humanity and help others?
  • Whom can I help and show love to, today?
Namaste my Friends 🙂

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