September 5th – GGAQ’s & Thoughts on A Balanced Life

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Today’s Quote: In reaching for balance, we find alignment. ~ Sue Krebs
Good afternoon/evening,
I found myself asking, how is it already Wednesday? My goodness how the days fly by… I’m somehow always struggling with slowing down and just being in the moment rather than always having my thoughts on the future or the past, it’s actually really hard to do. For the first time of working on this for well over a year I finally had a moment in which I was present – it was so calming.
It’s a very powerful alignment, balancing the mind, wow, how challenging is that? Remember when you first where able to ride your bike without the help of someone or without those training wheels? How freeing and exhilarating that was! Balancing your life can be the same way, as I had experienced for a brief moment the other day. It made me wonder, if this is possible, how do you experience more of it in ALL areas so that you begin to live in harmony with the chaos that live is?
That’s a big question and one that makes you really begin to analyze your life and your daily decisions that are being made. It definitely called into question some details of my life that have been a literal struggle my whole life. However, as I have worked through these aspects it begun to give me a new appreciation for the true inner wisdom there is to pull from when you are faced with difficulties in life. There is a clarity and correctness in your decisions when you listen to your inner wisdom.
Perhaps this clarity has come in the two forms that I have been asking for. They come in the form of meditation daily and asking for clarity and insight to questions I have been asking recently. I have posted these to my blog so you can read through them and see my journey as I seek a new life that’s in alignment to my life’s purpose. It’s fascinating to see how that living in harmony and balance can yield so much good in life and thus the ego dies a little more.
Love & Light
GGAQ’s and the beginning…
– Slept in this morning as I had an opportunity to do a little camping last night up in Gilpin County, CO. I was staying up late watching this massive thunder storm move over Denver, the lighting was intense! I was right on the edge up in the mountains and the stars where so clear above me, and then there was this crazy storm rage on the other side of me. There was this small little fox that started hanging around while I was cooking dinner and Nicki kept chasing it off, he must have smelled the good chicken and Egg plant I was grilling up for dinner!
– Took a shower with my awesome little Mr. Heater BOSS-XW18 Basecamp Battery Operated Shower System, before it started to cloud up and storm, did my GGAQ’s and did a reading.
– Now I’m here at the Brewing Market in Longmont writing this blog post 🙂
  • Look for opportunities to expand my mind for wisdom and understanding
  • Write 5 blog posts a week
  • Shoot, edit, and post one video on YouTube a week on Fridays
  • Stay committed to my spiritual growth
  • Stay committed to my health
  • Half of debt gone by end of 2018
  • Passive income to $300 by end of September
  • Travel to West Coast in 2019, find and set a date
  • Small suv for work
  • For opportunities that abound all around me
  • For the wisdom and guidance of the universe and my Guides
  • For people’s help and support
  • For my family
  • For my Nicki and her health
  • For my health, mind, body, energy
  • For my tools, iPhone, Laptop, Internet, truck
  • For Clean and warm clothes
  • For a refrigerator
  • For electricity and a shower
  • For today and all it’s blessings
  • For having money in my account and work opportunities
  • For finding a place to rent
  • I am seeing the way forward and my path is being cleared
  • I know the right course of action for my life and take the appropriate action
  • I am being helped from all various places
  • Opportunities for greatness and abundance are in the flow to me today
  • I choose high frequency actions, beliefs, and thoughts for my life today
  • I am succeeding and choosing the right things to put my time and effort into
  • Life works with and for me and I have all I need to move forward with expediency
  • What tasks should I be devoting my time to in order to fulfill my goals
  • What books should I be reading?
  • Who are the people I need to meet and work with?
  • Who can help me move along in my path with more efficiency and power?
  • What experiences do I need to develop my inner fortitude?
  • How do I become a better version of my self today than I was yesterday?
  • How do I and what are the steps for exponential growth in all areas of my life?
  • Whom can I help and show love to today?
Namaste my friends 🙂

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