September 6th – GGAQ’s & Thoughts on Transition & Direction

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Today’s Quote“All transitions are composed of an ending, a neutral zone, and a new beginning” ~ William Bridges
Good morning,
Today’s theme is on transition and change – life has been one change after another for my life over the past several months. I was thinking the other day how much this has brought about in my life, I have literally thrown away old attachments, both physical and mental. There has been a sense of freedom and liberation from not having so much “stuff” to contend with, there is also a sense of loss though – When you remove the old and familiar there tends to be a void that you want to fill. This neutral zone is when you learn to grow and change your mental capacities.
The void can be scary and even terrifying, but then I began to think, yes, but look at all the new opportunities that are now available to me and the freedom of choice. There is a lot of joy that can be brought on by mentally being OK with the loss and moving into the new that there is for one’s life. When you know there is a change needed, how do you deal with it? How do you best remove it, and what then takes the place of the removed item, physical or mental?
It’s important to take careful aim at the things that are coming within a transition period. How will you deal and where do you desire to go? I have given this much thought and honestly it really unsettles me and causes this flailing of sorts. Your mind tends to drive it’s self in circles trying to figure out the why and how of things when that’s not it’s purpose. To live a life true to ourselves and true to our inner wisdom and guidance we have to trust in the transitions of life, to leave the unfamiliar and to embrace the new and uncertain.
Think about it, at one time the familiar was unfamiliar and you didn’t trust it, then over time with experience and trying it on for size it became what it is now, a comfortable thing in which you rely. However is it good to keep holding on? Is it limiting you from the life you see in your mind and the one you are supposed to be living? I ask myself this a lot and it’s definitely challenging but it’s also incredibly freeing when you no longer are able to hold onto the old and you jump confidently into your new life. Stop hiding and being ashamed of who you are, be bold and be courageous – point your bow confidently and shoot your arrow with intention and accept the new and uncertain transition.
Love & Light
Namaste 🙂
GGAQ’s & the beginning…
– I woke up at 05:55, so today will be another adventure, I slept OK and was ready to get up and handle the business for the day
– I drove over to Ziggi’s Coffee here in the old town area of Longmont, it’s really the only good coffee shop I have found in town, however a better one could be crafted. Why do most coffee houses not have comfy chairs – maybe they don’t want you staying long…. lol
– I read my 12 Rules for Life book and did a tarot reading from my favorite deck – which was super insightful as always
– I will meditate and do yoga on my work break later this morning and then hit the road with doing deliveries for Uber and DoorDash (If you want to sign up for this one, put my phone number in the referral field: 970.305.5474)
  • Write 5x blog posts a week
  • Post 1x YouTube video a week on Fridays
  • Get a passive income stream to $300 by end of September
  • Camper to live in for the winter
  • Macbook Pro and iPhone 8+ by end of year
  • Debt free by end of 2018
  • Commitment to my spiritual growth today
  • Find outlets to build my online revenue and continue to be location independent
  • Read two books a month
  • Car for work, CRV or RAV4
  • Save $500 a month
  • Insurance renewal for the truck next week
  • Income of 4k a month by end of year
  • Podcast and teaching courses by beginning of next year
  • To have a new day and time to work with and on my life
  • For shelter and a warm bed
  • For a place to live this Winter
  • For coffee, clean water, and healthy food
  • For my tools, laptop, iPhone, Internet, books, pens, and notepads
  • For a refrigerator and electricty
  • For my Base Camp Shower system – hot showers in the woods are amazing 🙂
  • For the money I do have and for the abundance that I am in flow of today
  • For my truck, good tires, fuel in the tank, and it’s reliability
  • For help from the Universe and wisdom of my guides
  • For coffee shops to work out of and a place to wake up in the morning
  • For my pup Nicki 🙂
  • For my family
  • Opportunities for greatness and expansion are in route to me today
  • My communication is clear and concise and is resonating with my audience
  • I am trusting in my personal power and the help from my higher inteligence
  • I am choosing high frequency thoughts, actions, and beliefs for my life today
  • I am in the flow of financial abundance and am attracting it from various sources
  • I am in the flow of life and it works for me in all areas of my life
  • I am a total success
  • I am an amazing writer and teacher
  • I have all I need to move my life forward in a clear and purposeful way, today!
  • How do I communicate my voice, ideas, and vision with clarity and purpose to my audience, today?
  • Where do I need to devote my time and energy t in order to meet and exceed my goals and have fun doing it?
  • What topics should I write about to help people with their struggles that we are all facing?
  • How do I bring in an additional $400 a week in passive and earned income?
  • Who should my target niche and audience be?
  • Whom can I help, show love to, and encourage, today?
  • How do I become comfortable and more flexible in my daily life and be OK with the uncertainty?
  • How do I become a better version of myself today?
Namaste my Friends 🙂

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