September 7th, My GGAQ’s and thoughts on EMOTIONS

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Today’s Quote“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” ~ Plato
Good Friday evening,
Is this not an interesting quote? My thoughts for the last few days have centered on how much the emotions play into our daily behavior. From a personal example, being stressed about my financial scenario causes me to want to eat unhealthily but also to over eat. I never used to have to this issue, however it’s more of a feel good mechanism when I think about climbing up this huge mountain of responsibility and action that’s needed.
I realized how being centered and being mindful can really help the emotions from taking over, or rather lessening the effects. Yet, as with anything that is good, it takes a lot of effort and a lot of time to build up the resiliency that’s needed in order to stay the course. How do you control the emotions when life is not where you want it? How do you become focused on the bigger picture rather then fret over the circumstances that are right before you? How do you see that all is really good in your present world if you just choose to see it rather than focusing on what you don’t have…?
I ask because I’m not sure I know – I do know that meditating has been incredibly helpful! There is another component that I believe is miss understood and that’s, TIME! Its feeling like there is never enough time to complete a said task or a said business or a said life. We rush around being “busy” at things that are not truly inline with our purpose. For example, I’m rebuilding my entire business and taking it all online. This takes a rather long approach to generating the revenue, but it will come over time. So I sit here and ask myself, well I need immediate income to pay the bills and feed myself, what’s that work?
I have found several opportunities that are working perfectly, but I still fret about not having enough when in reality all my needs are met, right here and right now. I get anxious that things are not working and it’s taking to long, and then my emotions begin to take over and start to work my mind into a frenzy… then I begin making poor decisions. If I have to many of these moments, I begin to see the incredible loss of momentum that comes from this mindset of lack thinking.
I had this thought today and it was this, “Dave, stop fucking around and go do what you need to do…!”
I must become disciplined in my life in order to yield the fruit I so desperately desire. Perhaps, I have not wanted it bad enough to really plant my ass in the chair and do the work that’s needed. Perhaps, I would rather wish and procrastinate then go do something that furthers the mission that I ultimately do desire for my life. Why do I side track and not commit and then bitch to myself and others how things just are “not” working when in reality it’s me who is not working my life. It’s about being truly committed and when you are you don’t allow the millions of other distractions pull you away from going deep and staying hyoer focused on one or two things. It’s about realizing that there is plenty of time so long as we don’t whore it out to everything that comes our way… just a thought! 🙂
I really am going to begin working on this more in the coming days and weeks. To stay on course with a plan, focus on just the core essentials of building the business, and do the things that I know will work in the long term. The most important aspect, is patience and discipline and to remind myself that there is plenty of time available!
Some thoughts going into your weekend.
Love & Light
Namaste 🙂
GGAQ’s & the beginning…
– I woke up at 05:55 but went back to sleep till 06:15, getting up on a regular basis is good however the hard thing for me is going to bed on time. Went to the coffee shop and did some light reading and did my GGAQ’s and took it easier and spent time looking for freelance work
– I did meditate for 5 minutes and did some yoga at the park on my break
– I had a good day at work and made decent money for the hours I clocked in for.
– I was grateful for two things, I got tipped cash on my last delivery and at lunch I got a free sandwich – SCORE!!
– Took today easier and really thought about where I need to be focusing my time in on
  • To get my shit together
  • Get my passive income stream up to $300 by end of September
  • To commit to my spiritual growth today
  • To commit to my personal growth today
  • To build a schedule for the Fall to commit to and stick to
  • To commit to being non-reactive and build my life on strength and truth
  • To be content during the transition times in my life
  • A shop to work out of
  • Macbook Pro & iPhone 8+
  • Build the blog week by week with 5 articles a week
  • Build the YouTube channel
  • Build out a passive income channel for products in my niche
  • Dial in my niche
  • For my life and opportunity to be alive
  • For Mugs Coffee
  • For shelter and warm bed
  • For my tools, Laptop, iPhone, internet
  • For refrigeration and electricity
  • For the help from those around me
  • For my family
  • For my Nicki and her health
  • For $$ I do have and am attracting whenever I need it
  • For my clean water, food, and coffee
  • For services to help me earn freelance income
  • For the Universe and my Spiritual guides
  • I am finding opportunities to move my life forward today
  • I am financially abundant and am finding opportunities to bring in additional support income
  • I am awesome and happy
  • I am calm patient and reliable
  • I am strong and centered at all times
  • How do I become at peace in the moment?
  • What are the aspects that I spend my time and energy on?
  • What are the tasks I begin saying, NO! to?
Namaste my friends 🙂

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