Monday September 9th – GGAQ’s & The Soul’s Cry

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Today’s Quote“May my soul bloom in love for all of existence” ~ Rudolf Steiner
Good morning and happy new moon,
I trust you had a nice weekend and got caught up on something personal things and maybe even a nap! I did a lot of thinking this past weekend about various things, mostly how to move my life forward with the business and integrating my spirituality into it all at the same time. It’s really a balance no doubt, so many things I desire to pursue and do, so many opportunies to wade through – it’s a good “problem” to have!
Today I read a passage from the book, “The Art of Living” by Epictetus, A new interpretation by Sharon Lebell – this is such a great little book to keep handy. I thought the passage today was applicable and may yield some insight to our lives as we move forward over this coming week. My favorite part of this passage is the part about Philosophy asking us to move into courage, I believe that is such an important aspect and one I desire to work on more in my life!
Enjoy! 🙂
The Soul’s Cry
“Philosophy’s main task is to respond to the soul’s cry; to make sense of and thereby free ourselves from the hold of our griefs and fears.
Philosophy calls us when we’ve reached the end of our rope. The insistent feeling that something is not right with our lives and the longing to be restored to our better selves will not go away. Our fears of death and being alone, our confusion about love and sex, and our sense of impotence in the face of our anger and outsized ambitions bring us to ask our first sincere philosophical questions.
It’s true: there is no obvious apparent meaning to our lives. Cruelty, injustice, bodily discomfort, illness, annoyances, and inconveniences big and small are the prosaic facts of any day. So what do we do about this? How do we – in spite of the pain and suffering in the outside world and our own wayward emotions – live ennobled lives rather than succumbing to the a despairing numbness and merely coping like a mule with tedium and unbidden responsibilities?
When the soul cries out, it is a sign the we have arrived at a necessary, mature stage of self-reflection. The secret is not to get stuck there dithering or wringing your hands, but to move forward by resolving to heal yourself. Philosophy asks us to move into courage. Its remedy is the unblinking excavation of the faulty and specious premises on which we base our lives and our personal identity. “
Love & Light
Namaste 🙂
GGAQ’s & the beginning…
– Yesterday was an interesting day, it started off well and I actually got a lot done. Started my Patreon page for the content I’m putting out as well as well as got a video up on YouTube.
– Started out this morning a little cold, it was low 50’s this morning and I realized I need to get a new sleeping bag, however it’s going to be 90 today in Fort Collins…
– Woke up at 06:06 and got up and made the bed and took miss Nicki for a walk.
– Drove over to Mugs Coffee and got my delicious Bullet Americano, did some reading in my Epictetus book and did my tarot reading.
– The tarot had some interesting aspects for me to ponder today and some of which I will be taking into consideration as I go throughout my next couple of days.
  • To build a revenue generating blog apart from my personal
  • To obtain a Macbook Pro and iPhone 8 +
  • Get a car for work and getting around
  • To build out my YouTube channel
  • Focus and schedule my events and priorities
  • Stay committed to my souls contract and spiritualism
  • So NO to more things that are not truely in alignment
  • Passive income to $300 by end of September
  • Write 5x blog posts this week
  • Shot and post minimum of one video on YouTube this week
  • Find opportunities to grow personally
  • For the ability to have a flexible work schedule in which to write and build out my online presense
  • For warm and clean clothes
  • For shelter and warm bed
  • For clean water, good food, and coffee
  • For my propane stove to make hot water
  • For my French Press and Aero Press 
  • For ideas and opportunities that are in flow to me today
  • For my truck, fuel, good tires, it’s reliability and utility
  • For good shoes and sandals 
  • For my portable shower, refrigeration, and electricity 
  • For my life and good health
  • For free food during my shift yesterday
  • For making some great cash and getting tipped during work yesterday
  • For my family, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Nephew, and bro-in-law
  • For today and for a fresh start
  • For miss Nicki
  • For internet, cell service, iPhone, iPad, and laptop
  • For so so much good in my life
  • For Mugs delicious coffee this morning 🙂
  • I am seeing the clearly the way forward and I know which steps and actions to take today
  • Opportunities for greatness are in flow to me today and I know which ones to act on and which ones to say no to
  • I am making right choices for my life today
  • I am in the flow of financial abundance and it’s helping me meet and exceed my goals for my life
  • I choose high frequency actions, beliefs, and thoughts for my life today
  • I am guided and directed by the Universe and my Spiritual Guides today for my life
  • I choose to do what’s right for my soul, spirit, life, and body today
  • I am receiving an extra $500 this week from an unknown source
  • What are the action and tasks I need to say no to in order to move efficiently and effectively forward in my life and in the online business?
  • What places do I need to look and what steps do I take to generate $300 by end of the month online?
  • How do I build a valuable business that supports my nomadic lifestyle?
  • How do I get really helpful camping items to sponsor and promote that also help me?
  • Who can I help, show love to, and support today?
  • How do I become the best version of myself today and have joy at the same time?
  • What tasks do I need to focus on in order to help people where they are now and have my work resonate?
  • How do I cultivate joy and happiness at all times regardless of external circumstance?
  • What fun thing can I do today?
Namaste my Friends 🙂

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