Thursday September 13th, My GGAQ’s & The Real Purpose of Philosophy

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Today’s Quote: Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle. Some things are within your control and some things are not.

~ Epictetus


Good morning,
I have been slacking a little bit this week with getting out my blog posts, please forgive me. However it was a much needed break just to figure out some aspects with my business and how I will be working on moving forward over the coming weeks and months. I have been struggling with trying to balance many aspects and find my footing – how do I make money as a freelancer and also stay true to my spiritualism and blend the two together.
My tarot readings have been spot on and they have given me a lot of insight and direction. It’s often very difficult to move past your old beliefs and limitations and begin to step up and grow up in your thinking and beliefs. I have found this soooo difficult and I feel like I bounce back and forth all the time. Staying committed and also flexible and also pursuing interests, etc… Life can be really crazy at times. One thing that has become clear to me is looking at long term versus short term gains, where do you place your time and what do you need as of right now, i.e. money to pay bills??
I keep asking questions of my sub-conscious and of my Higher self as to what’s the focus and the direction is for my life. I have a concept and vision in my mind that I desire to birth and most of all, what does this look like? How do I get this to work for me and how do I gain the traction now to move forward? I do believe the right way is being shown to me and I am excited at all these new endeavors and the future. It does give me a bit of anxiety, however there are some exciting elements that are in route if I just stay the course. The most important aspect of my life is to focus on my higher self and development of my spiritualism and the rest will fall into alignment.
I want to share a passage from the book I’m reading right now, The Art of Living as I believe valuable wisdom to meditate on for our lives. I wish you a wonderful rest of your day and stay strong and move boldly in your courage.
Stay tuned as I will be putting together a new online coaching course in the coming weeks! 🙂

The Real Purpose of Philosophy

True philosophy doesn’t involve exotic rituals, mysterious liturgy, or quaint beliefs. Nor is it just abstract theorizing and analysis. It is, of course, the love of wisdom. It is the art of living a good life. As such, it must be rescued from religious gurus and from professional philosophers lest it be exploited as an esoteric cult or as a set of detached intellectual techniques or brain teasers to show how cleaver you are . Philosophy is intended for everyone, and it is authentically practiced only by those who wed it with action in the world toward a better life for all. 
Philosophy’s purpose is to illuminate the ways our soul has been infected by unsound beliefs, untrained tumultuous desires, and dubious life choices and preferences that are unworthy of us. Self-scrutiny applied with kindness is the main antidote. Besides rooting out the soul’s corruptions, the life of wisdom is also meant to stir us from our lassitude and move us in the direction of an energetic, cheerful life. 
Skilled use of logic, disputation, and the developed ability to name things correctly are some the instruments philosophy gives us to achieve abiding clear-sightedness and inner tranquility, which is true happiness
This happiness, which is our aim, must be correctly understood. Happiness is commonly mistaken for passively experienced pleasure or leisure. That conception of happiness is good only as far as it goes. The only worthy object of all our efforts is a flourishing life.
True happiness is a verb. It’s the ongoing dynamic performance of worthy deeds. The flourishing life, whose foundation is virtuous intention, is something we continually improvise, and in doing so our souls mature. Our life has usefulness to ourselves and to the people we touch. 
We become philosophers to discover what is really true and what is merely the accidental result of flawed reasoning, recklessly acquired erroneous judgments, well-intentioned but misguided teaching of parents and teachers, and unexamined acculturation.
To ease our soul’s suffering, we engage in disciplined introspection in which we conduct though experiments to strengthen our ability to distinguish between wholesome and lazy, hurtful beliefs and habits.
~Epictetus – The Art of Living
Hope you enjoyed – please, share your thoughts!
Love & Light
Namaste 🙂

GGAQ’s & the beginning…

– Up early this morning and took Nicki for a walk, something is in the air, she was crazy this morning and ready to go… too early Nicki I haven’t had my coffee yet… o, well, I’m glad she’s feeling so happy and healthy!
– Since I was in Fort Collins today, I’m over at Mugs Coffee getting a bullet Americano and working on the blog and morning routine
– Taking this week a little slower and finding my footing with the direction things are to take at this time. There is definitely a good shift in how things are feeling and moving forward, I’m excited for that and to be working on the next aspect of my life and business.


  • Passive income to $300 dollars by end of September
  • Build one coaching course to put up online to begin earning passive income and broaden my reach and time
  • Camper for the truck
  • Travel to Alaska for 3 months next year, May-July
  • 4 blog posts a week
  • Post one YouTube video a week
  • Do one product review a week and post on Social Media and YouTube
  • GPS navigator for the truck
  • Macbook Pro
  • iPhone 8+
  • Get sponsored for my travels and gear tests for camping
  • Build out my social media following
  • Focus on these platforms for growth, Blog, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, & Patreon


  • For shelter and a warm bed to sleep in and a nice pillow 🙂
  • For good health and functional body
  • For my freedoms and liberties
  • For being alive today and for wonderful opportunities to expand my future
  • For my family
  • For my Nicki, her health, love, energy, and companionship
  • For the nice weather and cool evenings
  • For my tools, laptop, iPhone, Internet, iPad
  • For electricity and refrigeration
  • For good food, clean water, coffee, and tea
  • For my stove, propane, and tea pot for making hot water
  • For work opportunities and money coming in the door from all over the place
  • For the great truck and utility and reliability
  • For the money I do have
  • For the support of the community


  • Today I see my way clearly and take the appropriate actions forward
  • I am being helped today with my finances and getting all back in line
  • I am finding accessible and easily to set up and manageable passive income sources today
  • I am attracting opportunities for greatness today
  • I am in the flow of financial abundance today and money is working for me, today!
  • I am responsible with my new income and make wise choices today
  • I am happy and joyful in my life
  • I am being helped and guided today
  • I choose high frequency thoughts, actions, and beliefs for my life today
  • Today is going to be awesome and I am moving forward with efficiency


  • What subjects can I teach to post and have people interested to sign up for reoccurring revenue every week/month?
  • What areas can I earn money online w/o a huge setup or hassle and have it be fun and educational?
  • Where should my focus be on in order to get things on track this fall so I’m set up for the Spring time bringing in at minimum $4k a month?
  • How do I deepen my spiritual walk and lead with this moving forward with the business?
  • How do I become a better version of myself today than yesterday?
  • How do I become relaxed, chill, and follow the process with intention and purpose?
  • How do I write more effectively?
  • Whom do I need find to sponsor my life style, i.e the camping gear in order to feature and also use?
Namaste my friends 🙂

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