September 14th: My GGAQ’s & The Numerology of 14

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“Gardening is not outcome-oriented. A successful harvest is not the end of a gardener’s existence, but only a phase of it. As any gardener knows, the vitality of a garden does not end with a harvest. It simply takes another form. Gardens do not ‘die’ in the winter but quietly prepare for another season.”
― James P. CarseFinite and Infinite Games


Good morning,
Today is Friday and it’s also the 14th of the month – I wanted to share a passage about this number from a site that has a lot of good information on Numerology and it’s relation to the tarot. Since I’m lacking the thought process today I felt this would be a good article to share and for you to be thinking about this number over the weekend as I believe it holds some very important aspects for life for you and me!
Love & Light
Namaste 🙂

The Symbolic Meaning of Number 14

The 14th card of the Tarot is called either Temperance or The Angel of Time. The image on the Temperance card reveals an angelic being bearing a golden goblet in each hand, pouring water from one goblet to the other, signifying a process of inner transformation.

Another curious detail of this card is that the Angel of Time is standing in front of the gates to the Underworld. We know the gates behind the Angel of Time lead to the Underworld because the next card in the Major Arcana series is The Devil.

It is as if the Angel of Time has appeared to reassure us as we prepare to hazard the depths in our pursuit of spiritual realization.

Balance, Harmony and Number 14

The Angel of Time on the Temperance card is pouring the water of the past into the goblet of our present day experience. This refers to a process of integrating past attitudes and impulses into our present mental and emotional experience. This is a reconciliation of sorts, resulting in a transformational process that brings about a strong, healthy and integrated personality.

Karma and the Future Pull of 14

The waters of the past that are being poured from one goblet to another in the Tarot card Temperance may be thought of as karmic debt, which ‘tempers’ the process of our spiritual development. This is why the number 14 is often associated with processes of cosmic debt.

Numerologists often warn people who have the number 14 in their chart that this idea of cosmic debt may make their present activities heavy with ‘throwing karma.’ Throwing karma is the power an event to ‘throw’ us into negative results.

Therefore, people who have the number 14 in their chart should always be careful about their life choices.

The karmic challenge for people who are influenced by the number 14 may be associated with the conflicting impulses that are sure to be a part of their nature.

The ability to integrate conflicting impulses and put them to the service of unity and achievement is the challenge for those who are influenced by the number 14.

Source: The Number 14 in Tarot


My GGAQ’s & the beginning…

– Feeling a bit tired today and also realizing it going to be a big weekend for me with working and also finishing up the course material for the new class, wondering what I should be focusing on as I have a couple things of importance going on in the coming days…
– Slept in a bit and got some work done this morning, need to focus and meditate later and balance my mind and the important aspects of the day.


  • Finish my coaching course and shoot the 6 lecture videos
  • Build out the class on as many platforms as possible once it’s finalized
  • Camper for the truck
  • Macbook Pro & iPhone 8+
  • Camper for our new piece of property
  • Shop to work out of
  • Write 5x blog posts a week… I’m slacking on this one… :/
  • Post one product video a week on YouTube
  • Passive income to $300 a month
  • Commit to my spiritualism today
  • Commit to my personal growth today
  • Find joy and happiness in all things today


  • For getting a piece of land to camp off of this Winter
  • For the help and support
  • For my life and health
  • For my Nicki and her health
  • For my family
  • For my tools
  • For coffee
  • For clean water, good food
  • For shelter and a warm bed
  • For money coming in from all over
  • For wisdom and direction for my life
  • For work opportunities that abound


  • I am fining success and momentum in my work endeavors
  • I am guided in thought and action for my life today
  • I am in the flow of financial abundance today
  • I choose to the right things for my life today!
  • I see clearly the way forward and which steps to take
  • I choose high frequency thoughts, actions, and beliefs for my life
  • Opportunities for greatness are coming to me today
  • I am supper successful and practice wisdom in my life
  • I choose to act responsibly with my resources


  • What are the words to speak to my audience that will resonate and help them?
  • How do I commit more fully and authentically to my spiritual growth today?
  • What books do I need to read to grow and become more valuable?
  • How do I help a million people?
  • What experiences do I need to participate in to gain wisdom and understanding?
  • How do I become a better version of myself today than I was yesterday?
  • Whom can I help and show love to, today?
  • How do I engage with my audience and students to massively help them?

Namaste my friends 🙂

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