September 17th: My GGAQ’s & Meditations on Tara

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Today’s book recommendations:

  1. How to Free Your Mind: The Practice of Tara the Liberator
  2. Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

“om tare tuttare ture soha”

Tara means “star,” “planet,” or “she who ferries across.” She is a bodhisattva embodying compassion in the female form of a young goddess. She is often considered to be such an advanced bodhisattva that she is actually a Buddha.

Tara’s name is said to derive from the verb meaning “to cross” or “to traverse”. In Pali the verb tarati means “to get to the other side.” This word is cognate with the Latin “trans” (across). The word Tara also literally means “star.” – Source 


Good morning,

Today I am introduced to this wonderful Deity, Tara – She is the mother of all! I trust you had an enjoyable weekend. As I look forward to the coming days and weeks it seems most are anticipating a change of seasons and excited for the Fall weather. Some may not, however most of us here in Colorado are done with the heat and ready for some cooler temperatures. They are coming and I’m excited, Fall colors, temps, and snow are what I look forward to after a long Summer.

I have been giving thought to which is the aspect of quality and care. In fact a wonderful book on this very topic is, Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It speaks to the elements of care and our need for the quality in aspects of our lives. I struggle with this as I am always looking to the end result of any project or endeavor and less about the details in which will make the project a complete success.

Part of being a high level thinker and entrepreneur is my automatic holistic bent to always look to the end result of actions and end results. Yet, I miss the important aspects of what make something worth while. Today I am introduced to Tara and I believe she has appeared in my life to be very important as to what I am working on for my next big product that will be launching in the coming weeks.


I will meditate and learn to work with her – I believe she can help me to achieve the balance, the quality, and the care that is necessary to bring about the desired results. I desire the details of what I am building to truly bring change and peace to those that are suffering and in need of direction for their lives. Perhaps she can help you as you go through your day and week, recite the mantra, “om tare tuttare ture soha” and allow her to bring you peace and the ability to open your mind to higher consciousness.

Love & Light

Namaste 🙂

** A couple excellent explanations on the Deity of Tara:

GGAQ’s & the beginning…

– I had some rather strange dreams about a member of my family, I wondered how it would play into my work this week. I did a tarot reading about my dreams and it revealed some interesting aspects to consider… mainly the aspect of Archangel, Raphael
– Today will be a great day with the opportunities abounding and the way being enlightened for me, I desire to bring about real and lasting change in my life as well as those that I teach
– I will be working on building out more aspects of my new course that will be launching in the coming weeks and to also build into aspects that will truly help those that take the class.


  • For getting a camper!!
  • For my Nicki and her love and health
  • For getting land for the Winter in the mountains
  • For delicious coffee this morning at Mugs
  • For my truck and it’s great reliability
  • For clean water, good coffee, good food, and healthy dog food for Nick Nick
  • For a warm bed and a pillow
  • For electricity, water pump, refrigerator
  • For tools: laptop, iPhone, LG Pad, Internet, cell service
  • For work opportunities, tips, and income coming in from all over
  • For meditation and yoga and it’s positive effects on my life
  • For my family
  • For the Universe and Spiritual guides
  • For being alive today and for my excellent health
  • For time today
  • For the excellent weather


  • Shoot first lecture video for the new course this week
  • PRepare all the course materials, forms, questions, h.w. assignments, etc, this week
  • Write 4x blog posts this week
  • Prepare and write the syslabus for the class this week
  • Register for G’s mediation class this week
  • Read two books a month
  • Alaska 2019
  • Find a shop to work out of for the Fall/Winter/Spring
  • Camper for the truck
  • Macbook Pro & iPhone 8+
  • Cargo Trailer
  • Car for Work


  • I am guided and directed today and being helped by many
  • I am building an awesome course that will really help people
  • I am choosing high frequency thoughts, actions, and beliefs for my life today
  • I am choosing to act rightly today
  • My way is being cleared and my eyes see clearly the path before me
  • Opportunities abound for me and they are in route to me today
  • I am in the flow of massive financial abundance in my life today
  • I choose to use my resources wisely for my life today


  • What questions, topics, and themes can I teach to my students to help them massively see results in their lives?
  • What areas of my life do I need to cultivate to bring balance and build a solid foundation if strength and character?
  • What are the books, classes, teachers, and experiences that I need to learn from?
  • How do I build a resiliently strong and lasting passive income generator for my life?
  • What experiences do I need to cultivate into my life today?
  • How do I become a better version of myself today than I was yesterday?
  • Whom can I help and show love to today?
Namaste my Followers  🙂

Give Nicki a cookie 🙂

She say's WOOF 🙂




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